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What’s next in legal drama over the Affordable Care Act?

The federal appeals court ruling striking down the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that people have health insurance left hanging key questions about what happens to other provisions of the law, like coverage for preexisting conditions.

President Barack Obama’s signature health care law remains in legal limbo. But at least for now most of its provisions remain in effect. The decision Wednesday by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans sent the case back to a federal district court judge who had declared the entire law invalid because there was no longer a tax on people without health care. It will now be up to Judge Reed O’Connor to parse out what of the ACA should survive. But don’t expect that to be the final word on a piece of legislation that provides coverage to about 20 million people and affects coverage for millions more: WHAT’S NEXT? It’s a bit uncertain.



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