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Ullico Casualty Group Fiduciary Liability Insurance

NPPFA endorses Ullico Casualty Group, LLC’s (“Ullico Casualty Group”) Fiduciary Liability insurance for its members.

Fiduciaries of public benefit funds face significant personal liability in their daily duties. For more than 35 years, Ullico Casualty Group has helped to protect the personal assets of trustees and other fiduciaries.

Highlights of the Fiduciary Liability insurance program include a duty to defend provision, with the policyholder’s right to select counsel, which allows the policyholder to work with their own defense attorneys.

Ullico Casualty Group offers Fiduciary Liability insurance on Markel American Insurance Company paper, rated A (XV) by A.M. Best as of 3.30.24.

Fiduciary Liability insurance is available through independent insurance agents and brokers.


Contact Ullico Casualty Group

If you have any questions about Fiduciary Liability Insurance, please visit the Ullico Casualty Group webpage or contact:

Mae S. Palmer, Assistant Vice President of Marketing


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