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"2022 Post-Election Outlook"

With the 2022 midterm elections now over—save for a number of undecided races—and Congress having returned for a lame-duck session, Americans for the third consecutive President have elected a new House majority in a midterm election to disrupt unified government. Democrats will maintain majority control of the Senate, with a December 6 runoff election in Georgia determining whether that majority is 50 or 51 seats. While divided government may suggest forthcoming legislative gridlock, since 1969, just eight of 27 sessions of Congress have seen one party wield full control of both the legislative and executive branches, and such unity has only lasted for consecutive congressional sessions on two occasions. As outlined below, policymaking at the federal level will continue to be active, but legislative success hinges on the ability of Republicans and Democrats to forge agreements given the extremely tight margins in both the House and Senate



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