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  • "Cybersecurity Remains a Key Focus Area for the SEC and FINRA"

    Cybersecurity and technology governance remain a top area of focus for the SEC and FINRA, as the regulators continue to concentrate on improving the overall cybersecurity posture and resiliency of the financial sector. FINRA covered this in its 2022 Report on its Examination and Risk Monitoring Program. The SEC is also implementing a campaign to overhaul the agency’s expectations around cybersecurity and cyber incident reporting for the financial services industry and corporate America generally. To read the full article click below.

  • "Retirement Confidence Survey 2022"

    A comprehensive survey of retirement on "on what workers are looking to do with their retirement savings and how they are anticipating generating or managing their income in retirement." Read the full article below.

  • "Washington Healthcare Update"

    An overview and update on healthcare in congress, and in the courtroom from McGuire Woods Consulting Read the full article below.

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  • Home | NPPFA

    Our Services The NPPFA has arranged with Wealth Resource Group, Ltd., a licensed provider of securities and insurance products (which operates under the brand name NPPFA Benefits), to design and provide Plans for public employees through the NPPFA. Wealth Resource Group provides similar plans and products for public employees and union members in many states, and provides both Wise Choice plans and the Retirement Healthcare Funding plan through the links above for the benefit of public employees and their affiliates. The Wise Choice for Public Employees and The Wise Choice for Educators are registered trademarks of Wealth Resource Group. All rights in these trademarks are expressly reserved. The Wise Choice for Public Employees® 457 Plan LEARN MORE >> Retirement Healthcare Funding Plan LEARN MORE >> The Wise Choice for Educators® 403(b)/457(b) Plan LEARN MORE >> For more information visit or contact National Public Pension Fund Association The National Public Pension Fund Association (NPPFA) was founded in 2019 but developed its roots in a state specific not-for-profit umbrella organization representing police and fire defined benefit retirement funds in 1985. As the demand grew for prudent stewardship over governmental deferred compensation 457 plans, the NPPFA was established to offer training, services, and support to pension trustees and their organizations. READ MORE + Events National Round Table Conference 2022 August 7th-9th Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Read More Pension Trustee's and Industry Professionals The NPPFA services meets pension trustee's and industry professionals needs by holding educational seminars, annual training conferences, producing trustee and investment bulletins, making referrals for professional services as required, creating networking opportunities, and by sponsoring prepaid medical insurance trust/VEBA plans and a co-op 457, 403(b) plans. + LEARN MORE Up

  • Agenda | NPPFA

    Agenda for the National Round Table Conference If you have any questions regarding this agenda please contact

  • National Round Table Conference 2022 | NPPFA

    National Round Table Conference 2022 Listed below are the links to the resources for attendees of the National Round Table Conference 2022 at the Ridge Hotel Agenda Click here to view the official agenda for the National Round Table Conference. Lake Geneva Dinner Boat Cruise Click here for information regarding the boat cruise for the 2022 National Round Table Conference. Sponsors Click here to view our sponsors for the 2022 National Round Table Conference. Hotel Information Click here for more information about the hotel and how to get there!

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