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"The Rise of Zero Trust"

This article comes from Route Fifty

In recent years, zero trust has become a priority for governments bolstering their cybersecurity posture amid increasing threats to agencies’ IT infrastructure. Following recent guidance from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, governments at all levels are moving toward a zero trust architecture, locking down their data, device and cloud access, and strengthening identity and access management. Even with available public resources and vendor support to help them adopt zero trust practices, state and local governments are often stymied by legacy technology, staffing shortages and limited budgets. These challenges put agencies at different stages of implementation and make it difficult to assess nationwide advancement toward zero trust. While progress may be slow, it is steady. Governments continue to explore solutions such as implementing passwordless security, migrating to the cloud and investing in cybersecurity insurance. In this e-book, Route Fifty gives readers a glimpse of how state and local agencies are forging ahead on the road to zero trust.

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