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"Is there an 'ESG backlash' among CFOs?"

This article comes from CooleyPubCo

While a recent survey of CEOs (discussed in this PubCo post yesterday) showed increasingly favorable reactions to ESG and its potential impact—transforming ESG “from a nice-to-have to integral to long-term financial success”— what about CFOs? According to this survey of CFOs from CNBC, they’re just not all that into it. Granted, this survey of CFOs was minuscule compared to the KPMG survey of CEOs—actually, compared to any survey. But the results were strikingly different. CNBC labeled it an “ESG backlash.”
CNBC said that the survey was conducted in the second half of September with responses from 21 CFOs, including CFOs from many Fortune 500 companies (44%), and half of those are Fortune 100 companies.



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